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The USB-2020 is a high-speed two-channel data acquisition board that provides simultaneous sampling at rates up to 20 MS/s per channel. Users can sample data from both channels at an overall rate of 40 MS/s to the 64 megasample onboard memory, or continuously stream data to a host computer at up to 8 MS/s for one or both channels over a high-speed USB connection.

Each channel has its own A/D converter for simultaneous sampling to eliminate channel skew and ensure phase information between channels is maintained.

Flexible triggering and gating ensures data is acquired when needed. The clock I/O input allows acquisitions to be controlled by the onboard clock or by an external clock source for applications that require user-supplied pacing.


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USB-2020  12-Bit, 20 MS/s, Simultaneous Sampling, Ultra High-Speed USB Board

USB-2020 12-Bit, 20 MS/s, Simultaneous Sampling, Ultra High...

Ultra high-speed, simultaneous sampling USB DAQ board with 2 SE analog inputs, 20 MS/s throughput to internal memory, analog/digital triggers and gates, clock I/O, and 8 digital I/O lines. Includes power supply (MCC p/n CB-PWR-9), USB cable, and standoffs. 

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