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PCI-DIO48 Series

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The PCI-DIO48 Series are high-density, logic-level, digital I/O boards for PCI bus compatible computers, offering 48 bits of digital I/O. The board provides the I/O in 24-bit groups based on an 82C55, mode 0 emulation. Each group provides an 8-bit port A and port B, as well as an 8-bit port C that can be split into independent 4-bit port C-HI and a 4-bit port C-LO.

The PCI-DIO48H provides high-drive capability with digital output drivers providing 64 mA sink and 15 mA source current capabilities.

The PCI-DIO48 Series is completely plug-and-play. There are no switches or jumpers on the board. All board addresses are set by your computer’s plug-and-play software.

PCI-DIO48 Series

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PCI-DIO48H  48-Channel, High-Drive, 64 mA Digital I/O Board

PCI-DIO48H 48-Channel, High-Drive, 64 mA Digital I/O Board

PCI-based 48-channel, high-drive, 64 mA logic-level digital I/O board

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