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Datascan 7000 Data Acquisition Hardware Module

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Datascan 7000 series offers a  reliable, accurate and cost effective means of connecting plant sensors to standard computers to perform real time monitoring and data acquisition. Datascan 7000 can be used in small standalone systems as well as large distributed networks of up to 1000 channels spanning a distance of up to 1.2 Km.
Systems can be configured using what are called measurement processors together with input/output scanners which offer channel expansion.
The measurement processor is the heart of the system as it provides the ADC, processing and communication facilties of the system.
Measurement processors can be supplied with onboard scanner units e.g. 7320 or with or without channel expansion.

Measurement processors can be expanded to 256 inputs locally. If more channels are required, the system can be expanded to up to 1000 channels using the built in network expansion.
The system can support a wide range of sensors such as thermocouples, strain gauges, RTD's current, 4-20ma sensors as well as DC voltages.
Digital I/O is also available. Datascan is supported by a wide range of standard application software.

For assistance in configuring or selecting the appropriate modules for your application please contact us.

High Accuracy Distributed Data Acquisition