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Measurement Systems News

Measurement Systems is pleased to announce a new range of products to Remotely Monitor Water Levels and Environmental/Weather parameters. These exciting products allow Water Levels and Weather parameters to be monitored from anywhere, just by using a Web Browser. Alerts are also available. For these Remote Systems, the 1st Year data hosting is included. Water Level Logging The AquaLogger comes in 2 varieties, with built-in GSM Modem and both available with either...

TouchPad HMI Displays

 - 9th October 2018

Touchscreen HMI Devices The Best Choice for Building/Factory/Machine/Home Automation   Two types of touch screen HMI devices are available, the TPD series and the VPD series. The TPD series is designed for home/building automation applications. These come in in 2.8”, 4.3” & 7” screen models.   The...

4-channel LCD Data Loggers

 - 31st January 2014

Two new 4 channel Hobo® Data Loggers are now available:   UX120-014M 4-channel Thermocouple Logger The new UX120 Thermocouple Data Logger allows for up to 4 Thermocouples to be easily monitored and recorded. The Logger supports J, K, T, E, R, S, B, or N type Thermocouple probes. Additionally, the UX120-014M includes an internal temperature sensor for logging ambient temperatures, further extending the range of...

CO2 Sensors updated

 - 22nd January 2014

The popular GS-CD-T5005 Carbon Dioxide Sensor / Transmitter has recently been superceded by the latest GS-CD-T51  series. These are available in either scaled DC voltage or 4-20mA output versions (thermistor output for temperature measurement is also available on request). The EL variant also comes with multi-coloured LED indicators to give a visual reference of the CO2 levels. This is available in either dual DC Voltage or 4-20mA output (CO2 + Temperature).   For...

PROFIBUS (PROCESS FIELD BUS) Gateways PROFIBUS is an open, digital communication system with a wide range of applications, particularly in the fields of factory and process automation. It is suitable for both fast, time-critical applications and complex communication tasks. Various devices are available that can communicate via Profibus DP to allow for the cost effective I/O expansion of a Profibus DP network and interface to other protocols such as HART,...

Power Meters & Management Unit

 - 1st February 2013

Power Monitoring Range now Extended! Understanding energy usage is becoming increasingly important, as a method of improving efficiency and thus costs!   By utilising the latest PM-213x Series power meters (versions available for Single and Three phase Metering), all of the Energy Data can be transmitted on a multi-drop RS485 network using the ModbusRTU protocol to a monitoring package, such as our Orchestrator software . Each Power Meter comes in a small DIN-Rail...

Low Current Energy Data Logger

 - 31st January 2013

Recently made available is a new version of the popular EC-7VAR Electrocorder 3-phase Energy Data Logger. The new CT-7VAR is especially designed for applications where lower levels of current are expected. Such as when switching to LED based Lighting Systems or similar.  The unit is available in 2 ranges ( 1-60A or 3-300A ) and 2 case options (standard or IP65 - available from the "Recommendations" tab of the product page). More information on the CT-7VAR is available...

Just released are some updated versions of the standard Hobo Data Loggers. These UX100 Series data loggers have multiple improvements over the models they replace, including: Easy-to-view LCD display Large memory capacity Flexible mounting options Visual high & low alarm thresholds New Burst and Statistics logging modes Temp, temp/RH, and thermocouple models...

With the use of installed renewable energy sources, such as Solar Panels and Wind Turbines on houses and buildings becoming more commonplace, the RE-2VAD Energy Logger is the ideal product for Electrical and Energy Efficiency professionals to monitor energy usage and generation levels within Single-phase mains supplies. The RE-2VAD Energy data logger records both imported energy (from the Grid) and exported energy (sent to the Grid). For more information on this product,...

With the release of Orchestrator v4.5, several new features and add-on's are now available.   Client Licencing: Historically our Orchestrator software has only been available with full capability Client licences. From the version 4.5 release of Orchestrator, there are now 3 different levels of client licencing so a system can now be more tailored to a particular users requirements. The licencing levels available are: Full - Configuration, monitoring,...