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GPRS / GSM Based Logging

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A range of devices with integrated GPRS Wireless capability for Remote monitoring and Control applications, such as Vehicle Management, Environmental monitoring and for use with GIS Systems etc. 

These can record data and transmit as an e-mail after a pre-defined period. The units have on-board connections for some sensors, while other sensor types and additional inputs can be achieved by using additional Data Acquisition units from the M-7000 range of Modbus RTU devices. 

An alternative mode of operation allows the units to send the data to a SCADA monitoring package, such as our Orchestrator software. This is done via the internet, using Modbus TCP protocol and some management software. If location information is also required to be recorded, there is a unit which includes an integrated GPS Receiver.

GPRS / GSM based Logging

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GT-540P Intelligent Remote Terminal Unit with GPS

GT-540P Intelligent Remote Terminal Unit with GPS

GPRS Enabled Data Logging/Data Acquisition unit, with 2 modes of operation: E-mail recorded data or transmit data (using Modbus Protocol) via GPRS to a server running monitoring software. Also has 6 Digital Inputs, 2 Digital Outputs, 1 Analogue Input, 2 RS232 ports, 1 RS485 port and a GPS Receiver. For additional I/O points, up to 3 M-7000 ...