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Engine Testing


This system is designed to be used by engineering students for calculation and monitoring purposes. Students perform measurements on the hydraulic, diesel and cooling systems. The main strength of any solution had to be its ease of use and low cost, providing monitoring to several users at the same time in a classroom situation.

Monitoring of Diesel Engines

As well as this financial aspect, there were many technical requirements which led to the choice of Datascan.

The system is spread over 3 different locations using Datascan's distributed capabilities. The customer also required the system to be easily expendable to meet any future needs of the students, and in that respect the Datascan networking ability was very attractive. In particular the use of the 701 1 gateway modules gave the possibility for several users located in different rooms to have access to the same data without the complexities involved with managing a software network.


As various types of sensors are measured the mix and match capability of the analog modules permits a cost effective solution that can handle the change of transducer types, which is required in a research environment.