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Energy Monitoring Solutions

A variety of methods are available for Monitoring Energy Usage and Efficiency.

Standalone Data Loggers – Simple Periodic energy recording

Simple battery operated data loggers, when connected to appropriate sensors can be used to record the Voltage, Current or Energy levels at a pre-set regular interval.


Examples of these devices are:

U12 series data loggers : By using external inputs connected to Current Transducers and possibly a voltage transducer, Energy can be calculated after downloading to the host software. By using other sensors, these loggers can also be used for monitoring other environmental parameters.


U12-006 : 4 External Channels

U12-008 : 4 External Channels (weatherproof)

U12-012 : Internal Temp/RH/Light + 1 External Channel

U12-013 : Internal Temp/RH + 2 external Channels

These Data Loggers can also be used with our other ranges of Current Transducers, such as the SCG-65x and SCG-675 series, via use of the relavant Adapter Cable (please refer to the Recommendations Tab on the Data Logger product page.


UX90-001 Data Logger: This data logger can accept a pulse input from an Energy Meter to record kWh or kVA values, such as the PM-Ri3. By choosing appropriate CT’s for the meter, systems up to 3-phase High Current types can be monitored. The recorded data can then be periodically downloaded to the host HoboWare software.

The 4-channel UX-120-017 Pulse/Status Input Logger is also available, along with an extended memory versions of the this and the UX90's.



H22-001 Data Logger: The HOBO Energy Logger is ideal if extra parameters apart from standard Energy ones need recording, such as Meteorological conditions such as temperature, wind, solar radiation etc.


Standalone Data Loggers – Voltage, Current, Energy:  constant sampling

The Electrocorder range of data loggers are available in a wide range of types for Voltage Only, Current Only and Full Energy Loggers for both Single and Three phase systems. Units are also available to monitor Renewable Energy and energy generation.

These products use a constant sampling method, where the levels are checked up to 16 times per mains cycle. After a pre-defined Averaging Period (selected to best match data requirements with deployment time), the units store the Minimum, Maximum and Average values seen during each period. Upon download, this data is converted into energy values and costs. This constant sampling method makes the loggers ideal not only for simple energy monitoring, but also for diagnosis of suspected mains faults as well as checking suitability for Voltage Optimisation and Reduction plus checking Current Sizing issues for Generators etc.

Each Electrocorder Kit includes everything required including carry case, software, current/voltage cabling and download cable.


Remote Energy Monitoring

If the Energy to be monitored is sited at another location, we also have devices that can achieve this:

PMC-5141 Power Concentrator: This device can manage up to 16 of the PM-21xx or PM-31xx power meters. It has a built-in webserver which enables easy viewing of the data with real-time and historic trend graphs. Data can be sent at intervals to an FTP server, while the PMC-5141 can also act as a ModbusTCP Slave. Alarm notification and Power management tools, including being able to switch off devices (using optional Daughter board) dependant on power demand.

DataWeb:  This data logger connect to an Ethernet network (or 3G router) and has 8 or 16 inputs capable of being used with Current or AC Voltage transducers to monitor levels. Data is held is a CSV file, allowing for conversion to energy data within a spreadsheet.  A wide range of other sensors can also be monitored. An integrated webserver enables simple viewing of the current values and access to the download files.

GT-540 GPRS Data Logger : Pulse outputs from Energy Meters such as the PM-Ri3 can be taken into the GT-540, which can then e-mail the recorded data as a CSV file.


Distributed Energy Monitoring

By using the PMC-5141 or direct to a monitoring package, such as our Orchestrator solution, the PM-21xx or PM-31xx series of Power Meters can be distributed on a simple Modbus RTU (RS485 based) network. Each power meter can return a wide range of power variables for monitoring and includes compact clip-on CT’s.

Power meters are available for both single-phase and three-phase systems, while variants are available for CAN and CAN-open networks.

For higher current levels (>200A) or if existing I/O channels are available, the PM-RI3 Meter is available with larger CT’s and can also communicate via Modbus RTU as well as Pulse Output. E.g. The Pulse Output from this meter can be used via a Data Acquisition module such as our Datascan Digital I/O modules.


Wireless Data Logging System

A simple Wireless Energy Monitoring solution can be produced using the ZW Series of Wireless Data Loggers. Versions of these are available that will accept a Pulse Input or a standard DC Voltage or 4-20mA Sensor. These Data Loggers then connect wirelessly to a Host PC (with the ZW-RCVR attached) for Data Recording and Network/Alarm Management.

Wireless Energy Logging


By using these Power Meters, it is now simple to fully understand the costs associated with running manufacturing processes and associated equipment.

To discuss any Energy Monitoring requirements, please contact us.