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Are you getting reliable data from your measurement equipment?

Our engineers are here to help you find the right products, offer great technical support, all with a money back guarantee.

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Companies We Have Worked With Over the Last 35 Years


Data Logging

Over 600 products

Whatever your application our engineers can recommend the best technical solution for you. From low cost single channel loggers to fully featured SCADA systems.

Multiple Data Processors

Data can be collected via USB, Wireless, Ethernet or serial communications.

Top Brands

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Data Acquisition


One of our core competencies is specifying and integrating systems for your specific application.


Software products and support (including customised application software) available for the complete range of hardware.


From high accuracy to low cost, distributed to centralised, covering a wide spectrum of speeds, resolutions and methods of connectivity.

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Sensors & Meters

We offer sensors to meet almost any requirement

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We also offer Wireless Sensors

Environmental Monitoring

Energy Logging

A comprehensive range of professional monitoring systems.

Water Level Temperature Logging

Data Loggers designed to monitor Water Levels, Temperatures and Water Quality.

Weather Stations

Data Loggers for monitoring Meteorological Conditions.

Ocean Science Data Loggers

This range is especially useful for Oceanology and Marine Science projects.

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Data Communication

Measurement Systems offers a wide range of powerful industrial communication devices for interfacing and network applications. From protocol and hardware converters, to repeaters hubs and communication switches.

Measurement Computing

MSL is the exclusive UK distributor

Easy To Use

Out-of-the-box software plus comprehensive drivers and examples for the most popular programming languages, applications, and operating systems.

Easy To Integrate

Board-only versions of our DAQ devices allow OEM and embedded users the quickest path to integration.

Easy To Support

Free technical support for the life of your product.

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Data Logger
Data Acquisition
Sensors & Meters
Environmental Monitoring
Data Communication
Measurement Computing