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EC-7VAR 3-phase Voltage, Current & Power Factor Logger

EC-7VAR 3-phase Voltage, Current & Power Factor Logger

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The EC-7VAR Energy Logger is designed to Monitor and record energy usage on a 3-phase supply (or 3off Single-phase). The EC-7VAR also records the Power Factor to aid with the calculation of Real (W), Reactive Power (VAR) and apparent (VA) Power.

It is also widely used for:

  • Monitoring Voltage and Current Fluctuations for fault diagnosis and reporting to the power provider
  • Investigating the required size of Backup Generators and UPS systems, plus subsequent monitoring
  • Voltage Optimisation -  This can help reduce Energy Costs significantly ! Many pieces of electrical equipment are capable of working at lower mains voltages, so by using Voltage optimisation systems to reduce the mains to lower levels where possible, savings can be made in energy usage. The first step in this process is to monitor the incoming voltage levels, for which the EC-7VAR is ideal.
  • Power Factor (known as PF or Cos φ) is recorded for the voltage channel L1 and the current channel A1, this is then used to calculate the real (Watts), reactive (VARs) and apparent (VA) power for all 3 phases within our Electorosoft software. PF measurement also allows users to determine if Power Factor Correction is needed for the site.

Easy Set-up using the included Windows based software. The stored data can be uploaded to the supplied Electrosoft software for further storage and analysis.


Four input ranges are available (400A, 1kA, 2kA and 3kA) with 2 casing designs (standard IP43 or IP65).
For lower Current ranges, the CT-7VAR model is now available, which uses CT's in place of Rogowski Coils. This offers the ranges 1-60A or 3-300A. Please contact us for more information.


IMPORTANT: When ordering, please specify version required: Input Current Range & Input Frequency (50/60Hz) in the comments field during the order process. Optional IP65 Casing is available under the "Recommendations Products" area below.


  • 500V/3kA three phase logger.
  • 400A, 1kA, 2kA & 3kA models available  (please specify on order, higher levels on request)
  • Records Power Factor
  • Constant Sampling Technique - misses very little data
  • IP43 standard casing or optional IP65 case available
  • Ideal for industrial logging.
  • Complete with Coils, fused Voltage Leads, USB lead & software.
  • Fused Voltage Leads included.
  • USB Comms.
  • Records true RMS Vavg, Vmax & Vmin to 2%
  • Records true RMS Iavg, Imax & Imin to 5%
  • Free software included.
  • Prints dispatch & return documentation
  • Soft carry case.
  • Allows rapid response to issues.
  • IP65/NEMA 4X model available.
  • Kit includes case, software, USB lead, input voltage leads, current transducer & user guide.


  • Recorded values: Vavg, Vmax and Vmin on 3 channels and Iavg, Imax & I min on 3 channels
  • Voltage Measurement range (Vrms): 0Vac to 500Vrms (Ph – Ph) or 0V to 300Vrms (Ph – N)
  • Measurement accuracy: ±1% of reading, ±1 Volt. (10 bit) within 100Vac-450Vrms (ph–ph); else ±3%. (50/60Hz ±2%)
  • Maximum channel input voltage: 500Vrms (Ph – Ph), 350Vrms (Ph – N) or 850Vpeak
  • Inputs (non-isolated inputs): Three phase inputs (L1, L2 & L3) & Neutral (N), Non-isolated input channels
  • Input socket types: 4mm shrouded ‘banana’ plugs & sockets, each with insulated crocodile clip
  • Vmax, Vmin, Imax & Imin time resolution: Always one cycle (50/60 Hz), independent of selected averaging period
  • Current measurement range (Irms):  FK is 5A – 400A , 1K is 10A – 1kA, 2K is 15A – 2kA, 3K is 20A – 3kA
  • Supplied current sensor accuracy: Typically +/-3% of reading
  • Current measurement accuracy: Typically 3% of reading (within 10% - 90% of full scale), otherwise 3% of full scale
  • Current Input socket types (all channels): Hard-wired through cable glands
  • Sampling frequency (all channels): 16 samples per cycle 800Hz @ 50Hz or 960Hz @ 60Hz
  • Data recorded: Average, max & min voltage & current values and Power Factor during the averaging period
  • Power Factor range and accuracy (measured on L1 and A1): Accurate to ~3% between lead 0.5 and 0.5 lag; ~6% between 0.5 and 0.3 lead or lag
  • Memory capacity & type: 384kB able to record 32,000 values per channel/phase . Non-volatile SEEPROM
  • Memory - averaging period & duration: 1 sec to 60 mins (1 sec gives 2 hrs logging, 60 min gives up to 300 days logging)
  • Real-time clock accuracy: Greater than 0.001%
  • Current Sensor Dimensions: Lead Length 2m/6’6” , Sensor Length 450mm/18” (Open), Sensor Diameter 145mm/6” (Closed)
  • Input Voltage Lead Length: Metric 2 metres (Imperial 6’ 6”)
  • Battery life while logging: Unlimited when connected to voltage
  • Battery Type: Unit contains four 9V Alkaline batteries (E-Block, PP3, 1604A)
  • Communications Interface type: USB, optically isolated to 5,2kV
  • Environmental (temp & sealing):  -10C to +40C (or +14°F to +104°F) – OPTIONAL - IP65, NEMA 12/4
  • Dimensions & Weight: Metric 260 x 180 x 190mm & 2kg (Imperial/English - 10” x 7” x 8” & 4lb)
  • Standards: Recording - EN50160: 1994 - CAT III


  • Facilities Management
  • Site Services
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Power Distribution Tests
  • Voltage Optimisation checks
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